Sunday, September 21, 2008

Assignment for the week of 9/22

Dear students in Dallas,

The assignment for the week of September 22, 2008 is the following:
1. Introduction to Blog technologies
2. Posting of individual biographies (Optional: photo, video, audio)
3.Formation of cyber groups

To post your bio introduction:
- Go to the link New Post;
- Click on New Post;
- Add your bio and audio/video/ photo by clicking on Insert Image or Add Video in the top menu.

Meet Dr. Donald Weasenforth from Dallas, Texas

Don Weasenforth is the instructor for ESLW0315.S02, the advanced ESL writing class located in Dallas, Texas. He has taught languages, including French and English, for nearly thirty years and in several US cities--including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC--and in several parts of the world--including Paris, France and Kirovohrad, Ukraine. He currently teaches at Collin College located in Plano, Texas, which is just northeast of Dallas. While he mostly teaches English as a Second Language, he also teaches one section of English Composition each semester.

Don and his wife, Esther, live in Allen, just north of Plano, with their two daughters, Anna and Kristen, and their dog, Coco. Their son, Erik, is finishing his first year in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.

Reading and writing consume much of Don's time. He is currently engaged in reading the Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov and co-authoring a chapter about teaching proofreading/editing skills for a TESOL publication. Inevitably you will find him reading and writing in concert with some piece of classical music, which brings coherence and creative vitality into his life!

Please email me at if you have any questions about the project or you just want to chat!

Project Syllabus Fall 2008

Introduction to collaboration for Fall 2008
Introduction to blogs
Production of personal introduction in blogs (optional audio and photo)

Completion of personal introduction and reading/commenting on others' blogs
Identification of small groups

Introduction into threaded discussions, identification of discussion roles (across classes)
Beginning of discussions

Small groups identify research focus
Introduction to PBWIKI
Draft outline essay

Begin research for the project, begin drafting essay

Continue research
Complete 1st draft of the project essay

Peer and instructor comments

Proofreading and editing of the project essays

No classes

Complete final draft of the project essay
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Welcome Message

Welcome to the US-Siberian Collaborative Project Fall 2008

Dear students in Dallas,

The US presidential election is approaching quickly. It has attracted the attention of people all over the world. The campaign is being run, and you have a great chance to become involved in this really exciting political event that happens once every four years. You and students from Yakutsk and Virginia will also follow this event by gathering information, discussing the latest news, sharing your opinions, and working on a joint essay by describing the most intriguing aspects of the campaigns.

During the next several weeks, you will read and write about campaign issues which affect all of us. As indicated above and in the title of this project, our work will entail global collaboration, as three classes from different parts of the world will share ideas, work together to understand some rather complex issues, and co-author written discussions of the issues. We look forward to working together to explore US political issues that affect all of us. We hope that this project will be an exciting, educational, and rewarding adventure for all of us.

To begin your adventure, go to the Blog Archive. You will find a link for it in the lefthand column of your screen. The Blog Archive features the Table of Contents for this Blog. Check the various posts listed there, especially the schedule and the list of resources. We, your instructors, will guide you through the next several weeks of work. At any time, if you have questions or concerns, please see your local instructor or feel free to seek help from anyone on the wiki.We look forward to collaborating with you in this Blog!

Professors Olesova (Yakutsk), Meloni (Washington, DC), and Weasenforth (Dallas)