Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome Message

Welcome to the US-Siberian Collaborative Project Fall 2008

Dear students in Dallas,

The US presidential election is approaching quickly. It has attracted the attention of people all over the world. The campaign is being run, and you have a great chance to become involved in this really exciting political event that happens once every four years. You and students from Yakutsk and Virginia will also follow this event by gathering information, discussing the latest news, sharing your opinions, and working on a joint essay by describing the most intriguing aspects of the campaigns.

During the next several weeks, you will read and write about campaign issues which affect all of us. As indicated above and in the title of this project, our work will entail global collaboration, as three classes from different parts of the world will share ideas, work together to understand some rather complex issues, and co-author written discussions of the issues. We look forward to working together to explore US political issues that affect all of us. We hope that this project will be an exciting, educational, and rewarding adventure for all of us.

To begin your adventure, go to the Blog Archive. You will find a link for it in the lefthand column of your screen. The Blog Archive features the Table of Contents for this Blog. Check the various posts listed there, especially the schedule and the list of resources. We, your instructors, will guide you through the next several weeks of work. At any time, if you have questions or concerns, please see your local instructor or feel free to seek help from anyone on the wiki.We look forward to collaborating with you in this Blog!

Professors Olesova (Yakutsk), Meloni (Washington, DC), and Weasenforth (Dallas)

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